The city’s young people want to be modern and trendy.Young Israelis have flocked to Tel Aviv in search of a good time, pursuing studies and careers, and looking for a chance to get away from their parents.Striking up conversations with complete strangers while sitting in a cafe is common; young people love to chat and share their opinion, and the conversations are quite amiable.

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Unfortunately, their faith might be mixed – knowingly or unknowingly – with bits of Buddhism, Hinduism, Hare Krishna, etc.

This makes our bold witness for Jesus the Messiah – who is the way, the truth, and the life – even more essential.

There is a young man who sits in the middle of the fresh food market in central Tel Aviv and claims to be the Messiah.

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You can find a little bit of everything in Tel Aviv, and the young people of the city reflect this diversity.

Tel Aviv strives to be of the same caliber as New York and London, with a large variety of food, activities, and cultures.

People in Tel Aviv would not avoid talking about Jesus (as they might in Jerusalem or Tiberas) – on the contrary, they typically love to discuss this Jewish prophet who claims to be the Messiah.

The diversity of Tel Aviv can also be seen in young adults' choice of their spiritual paths.