Researchers compared death from causes including falls, choking, accidents, drowning and suicide, matched them with dates and found that people were up to 50 per cent more likely to die on their birthday.‘People should be aware of the risks associated with celebrations,’ said the researchers from Osaka University, Japan.‘For the elderly particularly, activities that depart from their normal behaviour, including consuming alcohol drinks, can constitute major accident risks.’ Anyone who has gone through the process will not be surprised, but divorcing makes the body physically age faster that it should, according to the first DNA-based study of marital disruption and its effect on ageing.

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Only one thing is for sure, at some point in our lives we will find ourselves attracted to someone who strays a little on the naughty side.

If you're a bad boy addict, modern day tennis leaves a lot to be desired.

On the surface, men's tennis is filled with gentlemen who hug their opponents after a loss and don't spit the dummy when a call doesn't go their way.

They don't drink, they don't smoke and they certainly don't resemble James Dean (or Deen, if you prefer).

But there are a few rough cuts amongst the polished stones, those who fit in more amongst John Mc Enroe and Ilie Nastase than the Wimbledon tea room regulars.

Over the next few months, I will make an attempt to sort out those ATP players you'd take home to meet your mother from those you... This week's bad boy actually has a reputation as a gentle, family-orientated lad from a small town in Argentina.

But behind the half-smile and friendly demeanor is a man not afraid to get what he wants.

Results show that those who had suffered marital disruption had shorter telomeres.

We love em, then we hate em, then we love em again.

For most women, there is nothing sexier than a man who loves you then leaves you begging for more.

Endless songs are written about these men our fathers would certainly not approve of, but whether we simply daydream about these rebellious romantics, (hello, Eric Northman), or actually pursue them is another matter entirely.