We did our best to operate as the make a wish foundation for Jewish survivors of sex crimes.

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She agreed to sleep with the friend as a one-time gesture for her beloved boyfriend, but was forced to have sex with others as time went by.

Tal was then brought to a lavish villa, where she and several Muslim women granted sexual services to senior Palestinian Authority officials on a regular basis.

Eventually Tal managed to escape and return to Israel.

Following a brief period of online correspondence, the two met in person.

The Palestinian took Tal out to restaurants and showered her with gifts, and the unsuspecting Israeli teen thought she had found the man of her dreams.

'Muslim girls are afraid to return to Israel'Within a month of their first encounter she was already in love with him, and did not hesitate for a second when he asked her to move into his home in Ramallah.

But shortly after the two began living together the man approached Tal and asked that she "comfort" a friend of his.

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